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Maison Clair began with a million dollar view.

And an ocean view cubicle.

I was working in the curatorial department of a contemporary art museum in San Diego, where the entire western-facing side of the building was made of glass, gifting us with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean from nearly every room—including the staff wing.

That view transformed my simple cubicle into a majestic corner office. It inspired everything I did, from large-scale exhibition planning to time standing at the copier machine. Every day I wanted to be in that space—to be part of the art, vision, and breathtaking beauty that surrounded me.

An ocean view taught me the incredible power of framing an experience.

About Maison Clair

Maison Clair is a boutique brand consultancy that evolved from values learned in an art museum on the Pacific: the impact of simplicity and the power of curated experiences.

In essence, Maison Clair does three things:

  1. Identify untapped advantages and create channels to thrive from them.

  2. Design premium brands that maximize your value.

  3. Curate authentic, meaningful connections that elevate your audience's experience.

My approach to branding stems from my background as a contemporary art curator and art historian.

As a curator, my job was to understand a piece of art and present it beautifully and in context, so that others could connect with its value. As a branding professional, my job is to understand your business and present it beautifully and in context, so that others can connect with its value. My title may have changed, but my work remains, as ever, to provide insight, connection, and superior aesthetics.

Successful brands are very much like great works of art—they inspire and connect with a distinctive voice. As a brand curator, I help companies communicate a relevant, inspiring vision. I clear space for your business to stand apart in a class of its own.

Your work is the art; my work is to frame your unforgettable experiences.

Maison Clair is here to illuminate your vision and voice. 

Wishing you inspiring views,



About Rochelle

Rochelle LeGrandsawyer is the founder and creative director of Maison Clair.

Rochelle brings to Maison Clair over 10 years of experience in research, strategy, and design. With her practiced curatorial eye, she has helped both individuals and organizations build success through impactful communication and beautiful branding.

Rochelle holds an MA in Art History from UCLA—where she was awarded the Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship for her work in diversifying contemporary scholarship. She is an alumna of the Getty Foundation's Leadership in Arts Management Program.

Her writing and research have been featured in numerous museum catalogues, award-winning exhibitions, and the Oxford University Press' Grove Encyclopedia of American Art.

In addition to her independent work, she has had the pleasure of working with numerous arts and management organizations including: the Getty Research Institute, Santa Monica Museum of Art, Pomona College Museum of Art, Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, and The Boston Consulting Group.

Along with her love for Maison Clair, she is a dedicated foodie, life-long dancer, passionate actor, and unabashed cat lady.

With Gratitude


Maison Clair exists because of art and the professionals who give beautiful form and shape to the world around them. I extend my deepest gratitude to artists—of all disciplines—for their dedication, wisdom, and inspiration.